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When you want to purchase firearms in the Kansas, Missouri, and Kansas City area, come to Lindsay Auctions & Realty, LLC. We handle every aspect of the firearms auction process, including federal background checks. We are a licensed Federal Firearms License holder since 1988. We buy and sell firearms collections and accessories, one item or whole sets.

FFL Gun Dealers

Firearms Regulations

All firearms sales are subject to the requirements and background checks of the ATF and FBI, without exception. The following regulations apply to all firearms sales:

  • Long Gun Buyers Must Be At Least 18 Years Old
  • Hand Gun and Home Protection Gun Buyers Must Be At Least 21 Years Old
  • Absolutely No Straw Purchases
  • All Purchases Must Be Paid in Full on the Day Of the Auction
  • All Buyers Must Fill Out Form 4473 on the Day Of the Auction
  • Carefully Read and Answer All Questions on Form 4473
  • Your Driver’s License Must Match the Address You Provide on Form 4473
  • Must Write Legibly While Filling Out Form 4473
  • All Firearms, Except Black Powder Guns, Will Have a Form 4473

Background Checks

We perform background checks through the FBI NICS e-check system. If you are approved, we can proceed with the transaction and you can take the firearm with you. If it’s delayed, you cannot have possession of the firearm until you’ve been approved, which usually occurs within three business days. In this case, please write your phone number at the top of Form 4473. If you are denied, all of your money will be refunded (minus a $30.00 processing fee).

Important Background Check Note

In order to make this transaction speedy, our staff works as quickly as possible. However, we can only work as fast as the government will respond. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your patience and cooperation in these verification checks. Firearms left after 30 calendar days will be re-sold for storage.

Non-Resident Buyers

Residents of Missouri and other bordering states must furnish a licensed firearms dealer in your state. We will ship your firearm to that dealer, cash-on-delivery.

Terms for Firearms Auctions

All firearms are sold “as-is,” without any warranty or guarantees by the seller or the auction company, expressed or implied. The description given during the auction is provided only for informational purposes. The buyer must examine any firearms before bidding and determining their use and condition.

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